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Parent Resources

Dear Families,
For this week March 30th, we will not have teachers in the building like we have had. Teachers
will be working on packets for those who need them. MHS and the MK8 are working together so
families/students only have to come to town once a week if they need to pick up or drop off
work. Therefore this week, if you need to pick up work or drop off work please do so on
Thursday, Aril 2nd from 11-1:00 at the MK8.

As we move into the week of April 6th, there will be some changes to assignments and work
being sent home.

First and the most important, all assignments starting April 6th will be graded and put in the
grade book they will no longer be review/optional. All assignments starting April 6th will be
recorded and will be part of your 4th quarter grade. Please make sure your students are
completing all their work, we would hate for a student not to graduate or advance to the next
grade for not completing assignments.

Many of the MHS teachers have moved to google classroom. There are still a few who will be
providing written assignments. Please make sure your student is in regular contact with their
teacher, at minimum 2 times per week. Teachers have been reaching out to parents and students
the past couple weeks to make sure everyone is set up and understands how to use the online
platforms. For those who will need a paper format that will be provided too.
I have included the teacher’s office hours on the Staff & Departments page of this website.

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