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Transportation Information

Transportation Information: 

Please contact Transportation Coordinator Cheryl Studie with any questions or concerns:

Phone:     (307) 756-3657

Cell:          (307) 290-2625



Bus Routes


          Thorne Divide Route   Janell DuBeau  756-2054

       Pine Ridge Route       Tim Cuthrell       756-2126

     D Road Route            Susan Miner      756-2198


         Gray Road Route        Angie Rowe      756-2188


      HK Road Route         Pam Kunz         756-2057


       Keyhole Route          Kris Nelson        756-2091


        Liberty Lane Route   Gary McDowell   756-2257


                     Buckmiller Route       Sarah Norris      756-2256


 School Bus Safety Reminders: 

  1. Remember to STOP when you see flashing red lights and/or the stop sign arm out on a bus.
  2. Please be at your scheduled bus stop 5 minutes prior to loading time.
  3. If you miss the bus, do NOT chase it!                                                                                                                        
    • The “Danger Zone” for a bus is 10 feet in front, 10 feet to the sides, and 10 feet to the rear of the bus.
  4. Please do not assume the driver will see your child-do NOT drop your child behind the bus.
  5. Students will be picked up and dropped off only at a scheduled stops.
  6. Please visit with your child the importance of staying in their seats, proper sitting postitions and not to leave anything in the aisles.
  7. If it is necessary to cross in front of the bus to load or unload, follow the driver’s instructions.
    • The driver will check traffic.  When traffic is stopped, the driver will signal you to cross.
  8. Because bus limit of riders are at full capacity only students that live on the route are allowed to ride. 
  9. It is important for the safety of all students that the posted bus safety rules be followed.